Encumbrance, measured in stones carried, determines the load a character is currently carrying. Loads are either light, medium, or heavy and a character with Strength 10 follows an encumbrance rule of 10-5-3: At 3 stones they are carrying a medium load, at 5 stones they are carrying a heavy load, and their maximum load is 10 stones.

Characters with lower to higher Strength scores adjust this rule by 2-1-½ per point of Strength. Partial stones can be rounded up. The minimum possible rule, regardless of Strength score, is 2-1-½. (For example, a character with Strength 8 would have an encumbrance rule of 6-3-2. A character with Strength 18 would have an encumbrance rule of 26-13-7).

Tremendous Strength: For scores higher than 29, find the Strength score between 20 and 29 with the same final digit and multiply the listed lift score by 4 for every ten points the creature’s strength is above that score. (For example, a creature with Strength 38 would be able to lift 1,200 × 4 = 4,800 lbs.)

Adjusting for Size: The encumbrance rule for a creature is doubled for each size category above Medium and reduced by ½ for each size category below Medium (to a minimum of 1-½-¼). The encumbrance of armor, however, is also adjusted by the same factor (to a minimum of a half stone).

Quadrupeds: Quadrupeds can carry heavier loads, equal to 150% of a biped.



Worn clothing: 0 stone
Armor: (AC minus 2) stones (min. 2)
Shield: 1 stone
Items: 1 stone per 6 items
Heavy Item: 1 stone per heavy item
Treasure: 1 stone per 1,000 coins or gems

When counting items, each weapon, scroll, potion, vial, wand,
magic item, or other object counts as an item. Multiple small
items sold as a bundle (such as 12 spikes, 6 torches, 20 arrows,
etc.) count as one item for this purpose. Very small single
items (such as 1 silver arrow) can be ignored for encumbrance

Heavy items include two-handed weapons (including bows,
crossbows, and various large melee weapons); any item that is
as tall as the carrying character (including spears, staffs, and 10’
poles); any item that weighs around 8-14lb; and any item that
requires two hands to carry (such as chairs or chests). Items
weighing more than 14lb will weigh more than 1 stone.

For purposes of encumbrance, 1,000 coins are considered 1
stone. When a carrying device, such as a backpack, lists the
weight it can carry in stone, this weight can be converted at
1:1000 from stone to coins to determine how many coins it can


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